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How Major Brands and Websites Utilize Affiliate Marketing?

Many online marketers offer digital goods like eBooks and courses using affiliate networks like JVZoo to generate income. They can find things on these websites without paying overhead, storage, or delivery fees. They then permit them to choose those products and sell them to customers for a sizable percentage of the proceeds.

For people who want to start a business quickly, don’t have a lot of capital to invest, and don’t want to deal with intricate administrative tasks like fulfillment, this is the ideal business model in many ways.
However, if you look at any truly significant brands, such as, Mashable, The Verge, or Wired, you’ll see that they don’t operate under this paradigm.

But it doesn’t mean they don’t benefit financially from affiliate sales! They simply approach it differently. Here is how they work, why, and what you can take away from them.

What Major Brands Are Offering
Large companies rarely sell independent ebooks. Why? First, ebooks only appeal to a specific demographic of tech-savvy, reading-obsessed people in a certain age range. Physical goods, on the other hand, appeal to everyone.

The second argument is because let’s face it, many ebooks aren’t worth the money. A PDF that is barely ten pages long and replete with mistakes is a lot to ask for at $30! Especially if creating and producing the ebook was free.

Potentially, this could damage the huge site’s reputation and hinder them from making other sales.
Instead, the majority of major brands sell both services and actual things.

They achieve this by utilizing websites like EDx, Best Buy, and Amazon (a site that lists online courses – including those from top universities).
Just think of the commission a website like The Verge could earn by selling an MBA! (Which ordinarily costs hundreds of dollars annually!)

Ways to Do It
So how does one go about setting up such a business model?

You must first locate and register for those higher-caliber affiliate accounts. You may easily sign up for Amazon, but you must apply to get a job like EDx (which means having a big enough site).
Use a service like Genius Links or Trackonomics to swiftly create and track those links while managing affiliate accounts across numerous platforms.

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