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Guaranteed Traffic?

In my experience, the majority of “guaranteed traffic” websites are nothing more than scams. You pay money, they allegedly offer high-quality traffic, and you simply sit back and profit.

Ah, I see.

Here are a few ways they defraud you:

  1. Pop-up ads that upset consumers, are typically blocked (and rarely visible if they aren’t), and get them to click away quickly (but counted as legitimate traffic to you by these places)
  2. Bots visiting your website intermittently (without human interaction) until “traffic” is delivered and your analytics or hit counter records it
  3. Clicks are produced in sweatshops overseas (dozens of people sitting in a room in China clicking on ads that have no intention or even the money to buy anything from you even if they wanted to)

Since all of the traffic will be coming from the same IP address, you can easily identify these. Software that rotates their proxies and IP addresses are used by more sophisticated schemes.

Looking at your blogs might also help you find them. The typical user will browse the page for a while before leaving. So check your logs to see how long visitors are staying. Consider the average user and compare it to some of the more dubious ones.

Remember that bots like Google or Yahoo will plainly identify themselves in your logs and may only visit briefly. The particular visitor who consistently appears to stay for only a short time—say let’s 5 seconds—is probably a victim of fraud.

NEVER pay for traffic unless it’s necessary for authentic, verified media buys or other trustworthy, time-tested sources.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information from the beginning.

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