Review of PrizeRebel: Scam or Legit? Check the tips and guides

PrizeRebel is a must-join if you enjoy paid surveys and online reward programs. It offers many options for making money, has a low payout threshold, allows for cash payments, and is an extremely trustworthy website.

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One of the largest Get-Paid-To (GPT) and survey sites, PrizeRebel, may have come to your attention if you’re seeking a free way to earn some additional cash online.

But is PrizeRebel a legitimate, secure website that’s worthwhile joining, or is it a fraud where you’ll just waste your time?

I have personally used it, and let me just say right now that it is authentic. It has paid me numerous times.

This PrizeRebel review will provide you with all the information you need to know about what it actually offers.

It will be simple for you to choose whether it will be worthwhile for YOU or not thanks to this.

The review is somewhat lengthy because PrizeRebel has a lot to offer. I want to cover as much of it as I can, as well as demonstrate how to utilize the platform and what factors to take into account to determine whether or not it is the appropriate chance for you.

However, if none of the specifics pique your attention, you can skip down to the conclusion:-)

What is PrizeRebel? What services does the website provide?

One of the major companies in online paid survey and get-paid-to (GPT) platforms is PrizeRebel. Since its creation in 2007, it has given out more than $25 million in incentives and has more than 12 million subscribers, according to its own statistics.

A survey or GPT site that has been around for this long and is still active is often a good sign. However, that is insufficient to determine a site’s quality in and of itself. However, I can say right away that PrizeRebel is unquestionably a legitimate and secure website.

It is one of the GPT sites I have had the most success with and I have been paid by it MANY times.

You can see that I am a real user of the platform and that it is possible to make money there by reading the payment proof I will include later in this review.

This does not necessarily imply that it will be the best site for you, though. In order to determine whether PrizeRebel is right for you or not, let’s first look over the many earning options it provides.

Option 1 – Paid surveys from PrizeRebel

I love paid surveys if you’ve been here. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to get paid extra money while still having your voice heard.

One of the websites that offer paid surveys is PrizeRebel. You can discover a significant number of paid surveys on this site, and it’s a terrific method to get money there.

After logging in, you can select offers or surveys from the “earn” page. Following that, you will be given a list of the many survey companies that PrizeRebel is affiliated with.

When you log in, you often also see a list of the various survey providers on your dashboard.

On PrizeRebel, there are a lot of different survey providers, which means there are frequently lots of opportunities every day to take surveys.

As a result, you select the surveys that sound intriguing to you and respond to the inquiries. After completing the surveys, the reward will be credited to your PrizeRebel account.

You will be asked a few profile questions when you do surveys for the first time. This is to confirm that you are a real person because PrizeRebel wants to make sure that all participants on their site are of a certain caliber, of course. Since PrizeRebel is a reliable website, the information will only be used to match you with surveys and won’t be disclosed to anybody else.

PrizeRebel is one of the websites that offer some of the largest rewards for the time spent on various surveys when compared to other comparable websites.

Before beginning a survey, you may always check the prize you will receive. There will also be a time estimate that will let you know how long the survey will take you to complete. This is merely an estimation based on how quickly you read and respond to inquiries.

In my experience, the estimate for the majority of surveys is fairly accurate, and frequently, I complete the surveys much more quickly than the estimate. However, since I am accustomed to completing online surveys, you can anticipate spending at least the projected amount of time in the beginning.

Be aware that your profile and where you reside will determine the precise number of survey providers and opportunities available to you. You will therefore find more options in some regions than others, but I will elaborate on this later.

You won’t be eligible for all surveys, just like on all other websites that provide paid surveys. That is merely a component of completing internet questionnaires. Therefore, do not let it deter you if you are not eligible for some surveys. There are also numerous that you can apply for.

Be aware that you will receive a quality score, particularly for surveys from the Your Surveys provider, and that you may view it at the top of the screen.

This could result in you receiving fewer or no surveys at all if it falls below 100. It is based on various factors, such as how consistently you perform, whether you pay attention and more. If you want to continue having access to the surveys, be careful when responding to them.

PrizeRebel has some amazing paid survey opportunities from all over the world, so no matter where you reside, you can make money this way more or less. To make the most of the website, it is also a good idea to apply some of the other strategies.

Option 2: Paid Offers

On PrizeRebel, there is a sizable part with paid offers displayed on offer walls.

Offers are tasks you must do in order to receive a reward. just put, paid offers are just advertisements from one of PrizeRebel’s partners that need interaction before you can receive a reward.

This may be a fantastic and simple technique to get worthwhile rewards. The majority of offers ask you to sign up for anything, like a website, and in some situations, they also ask you to pay money, as when you buy a product or sign up for a trial of a service. Even though this could initially seem unsettling and frightening, it may actually be something to think about.

Here are a few reasons why you should occasionally consider looking at the offers area.

For instance, you can receive a reward for installing and using an app, signing up for a free trial on a website, or participating in a Facebook game. All of these are activities that we frequently do, so why not get compensated for them?

This an excellent deal and the offers can be a terrific way to both significantly increase your earnings and score some great deals.

Before registering, make sure to read the terms and conditions of each offer so you are aware of what is required of you in order to receive your prize.

Option 3: Earn money by playing games

You can frequently find games that you can download and play as part of the offerings. Since this can provide you with some fantastic additional benefits if you enjoy playing games anyhow, I just wanted to provide an example of it.

You can frequently download little games that you can immediately start playing and for which you will receive a meager compensation. There are also certain games that you must play to a specific level in order to receive the awards, but these rewards can still be excellent.

For instance, I’ve seen games that pay $5–$6 for installation and completion of a given level. That is actually rather good if you enjoy playing.

Additionally, in these situations, make sure to review PrizeRebel’s website’s full terms before using the offers so you are aware of what requirements must be met in order to receive your prizes.

The terms are clear to observe before you download the games, as shown in the image above.

For instance, several of the games need that you open them at least 15 minutes after clicking the offer button in order for them to be registered. Or the award might only be available once you achieve a certain level in the game. Before accepting any gaming offers, understand the prerequisites because this information is crucial.

Option 4: Watch videos

You may view a lot of videos on PrizeRebel and get paid to do so. Typically, you get compensated for watching 3 videos or adverts.

Many people have asked if it is no longer possible to earn money by watching videos on PrizeRebel because there used to be a separate part in the earn menu, but that has changed.

And it undoubtedly is. It is a portion of the offer walls, not merely a separate chunk. Therefore, you must visit the offer walls and locate the ones that offer videos in order to find the videos. As of the time of writing, I am aware of Adscend as a reliable offer wall for finding videos.

You can choose from a wide variety of themes, so you’re sure to find one that you’ll find intriguing. Viral videos, travel videos, science and technology, sports, and health are a few examples.

You can watch as many videos as you want, which is fantastic. However, you won’t get paid much for watching them, so you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to make any money at all.

If you have many screens, it can be a method to earn a little money without putting much work into it. However, there is of course the option to let the films run when you are not using the computer.

However, a lot of the videos are also rather fascinating to watch, so you might also find them enjoyable. However, you shouldn’t count on making a lot of money from watching them; in my opinion, many of the other options on PrizeRebel work better.

Also, be aware that you will only profit if the video has advertising. Additionally, not all countries and not all advertising are available. So you can’t always make money in this manner.

Option 5: Daily Challenges

When you log in each day, you can view the daily challenge. If you log in using a desktop computer, you can see it on the left side of your screen.

You must complete the challenge within a specified amount of time in order to receive an additional bonus that day. The amount of time you have left to finish the challenge and your progress toward it are both always visible.

You can also participate in a 5-Day challenge to earn extra rewards if you finish the daily challenge 5 days in a row.

You won’t make a lot of money from it, but if you use PrizeRebel frequently, you’ll be enrolled automatically, and that’s a nice little added benefit to have.

Option 6: Raffles

You can enter raffles with some of your winnings (I’ll discuss alternative methods to spend your money later).

Every week, PrizeRebel has fresh drawings with prizes that are often $5 to $10 gift cards. If you’re lucky, it might be possible to multiply your winnings because each ticket only costs 10 cents.

You may access this option by selecting “Raffles” under the “Win” tab in the main menu. Then, if you want to participate, you can quickly purchase raffle tickets and view the current and forthcoming drawings

Option 7: Lucky numbers

Another strategy to try to win additional rewards on PrizeRebel is to use lucky numbers. You’ll purchase a lottery ticket and choose four numbers.

Once the numbers are drawn, you will win the jackpot if your numbers match. Every week, a new lottery is often held.

You can win some great prizes and the tickets only cost 20 points. particularly if you take home the jackpot. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to look over the lucky numbers section if you feel lucky.

Option 8: Free Contests

You can take part in a variety of free contests at PrizeRebel with the potential to win additional prizes.

You will automatically enter some competitions if you use the platform.

Every two weeks, there is typically a contest where participants who complete the most tasks, surveys, and offers are eligible to earn extra incentives. You may view your ranking and position on the list under the “win” tab.

You need to actively participate in other competitions. On PrizeRebel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, new contests are frequently announced. They are really simple to enter, and frequently all you have to do is like and comment on Facebook for a chance to win a gift card worth between $5 and $25.

However, there are occasionally contests with enormous awards as well.

It can be a good idea to check your email from PrizeRebel in order to avoid missing out on any of their upcoming contests because they also frequently send out an email with an outline of them.

In general, I think that these free contests are pleasant, and the additional chances to win are a great way to earn some more cash with no effort.

As you can see, PrizeRebel offers a wide variety of options, and I must say that overall, the opportunities are quite nice in comparison to many other websites that are similar.

PrizeRebel is a legitimate survey website that is free to register and use.

Option 9: Invite friends

The PrizeRebel referral program is the final way to earn money. By inviting others to sign up for the platform at this point, you can make a little more money.

You will be given access to a referral link as soon as you become a member, and if you suggest someone to join using this link, you will be paid a commission each time they succeed. Therefore, it may be a method for you to make a little additional money if you know plenty of others who could be interested in actively utilizing PrizeRebel.

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Promo codes for PrizeRebel: Earn free points

PrizeRebel also frequently offers promo codes, which is another important fact to be aware of. These are the codes that will be made public, and after you are logged in, you can use them to get free points.

You will also receive a unique welcome bonus code, use this code to obtain your first 100 points absolutely free after signing up:

It simply takes a few seconds and is incredibly simple to perform. All you need to do is know where to look for these discount codes.

You can frequently find other PrizeRebel promo codes in addition to the welcome bonus code mentioned above, which is exclusively available to you since you have visited my website.

Simply keep an eye on PrizeRebel’s Facebook or Twitter pages; updates on new codes will be made there frequently. If you wish to use this option, you must frequently monitor social media since a code typically only lasts for the day it is posted.

However, if you already routinely check your social media, it does not take long to see if a new promotion has begun.

In order to receive free points, simply copy a code that has been released and paste it into the appropriate field on your account. There are good chances to use this to make a little bit more without much effort since a new code is often published several times a week (usually 2-3 times).

A discount coupon occasionally appears in PrizeRebel’s email newsletters.

Levels of membership in PrizeRebel

It’s crucial to comprehend that PrizeRebel offers different membership tiers.

This implies that as a user, you begin at the lowest level and can advance to a higher level with activity and earnings, which will provide you with greater rewards.

There are 5 levels, with bronze (where you will start when you join), silver, gold, platinum, and diamond as the highest. When you get 1000 points, you will have already advanced to the silver level. The ladder can then be climbed farther (see the illustration below).

The benefits include the fact that your selected prize will be processed instantly once you reach the gold level after you have earned enough to claim it and that the higher you go, the more bonuses you will receive.

As you advance through the stages, the bonus you receive for referring friends to PrizeRebel will increase. Additionally, you’ll start collecting special incentives at the end of every month that represent a portion of all your profits.

Additionally, you will start to receive a discount on the incentives you redeem.

Receive alerts through your browser.

A really great feature that PrizeRebel offers to make it simple for you to learn about new possibilities on the platform is the browser add-on.

Instead of constantly logging in to check, it enables you to install an add-on in your browser that will provide you with specific notifications and updates on PrizeRebel.

The add-on will, for instance, notify you when new surveys become available. However, what I find to be its best feature is that it will alert you when new promo codes become available, which you can then use right inside the add-on.

The add-on is now accessible for Firefox and Chrome.

As a result, if you use one of these browsers, this might be a terrific and simple method to keep informed. For instance, you can ensure that you don’t miss any of the promo codes and free points you can obtain this way.

How are the members compensated?

Any survey website and reward portal must offer opportunities and ways to earn. However, how you will be paid for your prizes is another crucial factor.

And I think the PrizeRebel payment options are excellent.

First and first, you have the choice to receive payment using PayPal, which I really appreciate when a survey site does because it is a terrific way to receive payment in cash.

In some countries, you can also get paid using Dwolla, which entails having your earnings put straight into your bank account if you prefer to get paid in cash.

It also provides a variety of physical and electronic gift cards for numerous companies, like Amazon, Skype, Visa, Debenhams, Facebook, and many more. Additionally, you can utilize your awards in online games like League of Legends and Minecraft. Therefore, no matter what your preferences are, there are extremely good options.

You can swap the points you earn by doing anything on PrizeRebel for one of the rewards listed above. One dollar is equal to 100 points.

When you have 500 points ($5), you can request a PayPal payout, and when you have $2, you can request some gift cards.

When compared to many other survey websites, these have a fairly excellent low reward threshold. It won’t take you long to achieve the payout criteria when you sign up because you can start earning 25 points right away by going on a guided tour and filling out your profile.

In my experience, the rewards are also processed quite quickly, and it will go much faster if you have received a few payouts. Usually, less than 24 hours after requesting a payout, I have the money in my PayPal account.

How long does it take to earn income and make money?

The amount of time you choose to spend is entirely up to you. However, the more time you invest, the more money you will undoubtedly make.

You have two options: start doing as much as you can and complete all the surveys, assignments, and offers you can. You’ll eventually spend a lot of time doing this, but you’ll also make more money.

The more you use PrizeRebel and the higher a membership you obtain, the more you can earn. Initially, it might also take some time to become used to using it.

I’ve produced a guide below to give you the greatest possible start, and you can learn more about what to anticipate financially there as well.

Join PrizeRebel for Free

Similar to the other survey sites on my top 10 list, the size of the rewards is about equivalent to the amount of time spent. To generate a little more money, PrizeRebel does have some amazing supplementary features including contests, membership tiers, and discount codes.

To reach that level, you must earn $315. Below, you can see evidence that I have done so and, consequently, payment evidence, proving that the platform is legitimately paying its users.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you won’t be able to join any survey site or online reward portal and earn a full-time income.

On PrizeRebel, you can earn some pretty good extra cash, but don’t count on it to make you wealthy; if you do, you’ll be let down.

When is PrizeRebel the most profitable?

In general, PrizeRebel offers a variety of chances, including daily surveys. However, I’ve discovered that some periods of the week offer better chances than others.

Weekend chances are typically scarcer than those found during the week. There are still some chances available on the weekends, therefore that does not imply that there are none. Simply said, there won’t be as many.

Be aware that there may be fewer opportunities if you join PrizeRebel over the weekend, so check it out during the week as well to take full use of your alternatives.

Additionally, surveys, offers, and other opportunities come and go constantly, so just because there aren’t any available when you log in at a specific time doesn’t indicate that there won’t be any later that day.

I have also seen that PrizeRebel offers fewer possibilities, particularly around the holiday season like Christmas. Therefore, do not be concerned if you suddenly feel that there are not as many opportunities as normal during certain periods. Soon after the holiday season, more discounts will return.

Who may sign up for PrizeRebel?

Most countries allow members to join PrizeRebel. However, not all countries offer the same range of opportunities.

The countries with the most opportunities include the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. However, there are many more nations where you can discover excellent earning prospects, such as Germany, France, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

As long as you are 13 years old, you can join. However, you do require parental permission if you are between the ages of 13 and 18.

Can you get help and support?

It is always helpful to be able to get in touch with an official support service if you encounter any problems on a platform you use. Not all survey websites provide excellent service.

Any website’s support capabilities reveal a lot about its overall legitimacy and quality. And PrizeRebel offers top-notch customer service.

My own inquiries to them have resulted in prompt and beneficial responses each time.

The support is also quite active here, as you can observe by looking at PrizeRebel’s social media accounts. They respond to you there just as quickly if you have any queries or issues.

The website’s help area is the greatest place to go if you need support, so use that if you do. Next, pick the subject on which you need assistance. You can send a ticket if your question is not addressed in the FAQ area.

A survey and GPT site should have strong assistance, so it’s comforting to know that PrizeRebel offers it should you require it.


You can certainly infer from what you just read that PrizeRebel is a legitimate website and not a scam. I have firsthand knowledge of this because I have received payment.

In order to give you a better understanding of what it offers before you decide if it is right for you or not, let’s sum up the pros and negatives of this review.

PrizeRebel Pros and Advantages:

  • Free to sign up.
  • Numerous surveys, assignments, and offers.
  • low threshold for payout.
  • Cash payment is an option.
  • If you need it, it’s great to support you.
  • many additional methods to earn via levels, competitions, and promo codes.

PrizeRebel Cons and Disadvantages:

  • Not all surveys will accept you (although survey sites all do this).
  • There aren’t many opportunities in some countries.

PrizeRebel is absolutely worth signing up for if you want to make some additional money online for nothing by doing surveys and other minor microtasks, in my opinion.

It has really fantastic prospects and earning potential in comparison to many other similar sites, and it is a site I have had great success with myself. The only thing you need to be aware of is that in some regions of the world, there aren’t many opportunities available.

But as was already noted, compared to many other comparable sites, it does feature a lot of options for a lot of various countries, so it is unquestionably an excellent site to sign up for. Additionally, testing it in your own nation is simple and free to sign up for.

How does PrizeRebel registration work?

It is quick and simple to sign up for PrizeRebel. You can access the registration page.

There, you simply need to provide your email address and a few other details. It only takes a few seconds, after which you may immediately begin to make money.

Join PrizeRebel for Free

I would be interested in reading your feedback in the comment section below if you have any thoughts, queries, or personal experiences with PrizeRebel.

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