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5 Facebook Traffic-Drawing Tricks

A very effective strategy for driving lots of traffic to your websites, Facebook page, or blog is Facebook Fan Pages. Because you can have “Fans” who will continually be updated on their feeds by whatever you put on your Fan page, Fan pages are preferable to profile pages.

Getting your fans to engage with the information you post on your fan page is the key to driving a ton of traffic to a fan page. Here are several methods for achieving that:

-Ask inquiries. Simply asking the people who “like” us on Facebook is one way.

Every day or two, we ask our audience a straightforward question, inviting them to respond with an experience, an opinion, information about a topic of interest, etc.

-Indicate significant updates.

Highlighting Facebook page activity can increase the number of responses to your inquiries. Additionally, those who have newly joined the page can access the most recent site updates.

Launch a landing page.

You can put a landing page or opt-in page on your fan page and urge visitors to “like” the page to receive a free download or a free gift, just like you would on your website. This might help you quickly grow your subscriber base and encourage people to revisit your fan page for new updates.

-Post an ad on Facebook.

Promote on Facebook to attract a passive audience to your fan pages (preferably send them to your landing page). The more “Likes” you receive, the more visibility your company will receive on fans’ newsfeeds and the more traffic you will receive.

-Offer a ton of insightful stuff and direct people to your site.

Use your Facebook fan page as an “outpost” for your fans to receive notifications of new blog articles or website news, and use it to entice them to visit your website.

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