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How to Use Facebook to Find Prospects?

For any business, whether it is online or offline, Facebook may be a terrific location to find new customers. There are two approaches to increasing traffic on Facebook, and they both revolve around one another.

Facebook advertising is the first method. You can post text advertising (with photos) on Facebook and target specific demographics with them. Based on how competitive the terms in your ad are, you pay Facebook.

You have two options for sending visitors online: either to your Facebook fan page, which is typically the less expensive choice or to other websites, like landing pages. I’ll briefly discuss the second strategy for locating potential customers: establishing a Facebook fan page.

Local companies can engage with their fans and clients by creating a Facebook fan page.
They accomplish this by “liking” your fan page. When someone “Likes” your fan page, it will show up in their personal Facebook news feed, making all of their friends aware of the fact that he did so.

As your page gains likes, more and more people will see the Fan page, which increases traffic significantly.
By holding contests or updating the “wall,” you can get your fans interested in your page and make their interactions visible in their news feeds, which will drive more traffic to your website.

So, how do you generate fresh leads the best way?
Combined both approaches. Promote your fan page on Facebook with sponsored ads, engage your audience there, and watch your community expand. A sea of fresh possibilities will soon surround you. Then, you may turn these prospects into dependable, new clients for your company.

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