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Become A Busy Client’s Best Friend To Become A Demanding Freelancer

Busy customers make for the best customers. Why? Since they are the ones who have prosperous enterprises, they can afford to compensate you. They are also the ones who need you the most since they are so busy. And those are the ones who will probably continue to work for you.

They are also the most straightforward to retain because you know all the requirements. Making their lives easy and saving them as much time as possible will encourage them to return.

Although it can seem unimportant, clients will notice a big difference. I know this since hundreds of clients have communicated with me and frequently mentioned how busy they are.

Here are the opinions of three clients.

“The Best Freelancer,” according to Editor Emma.

“Writing ability has nothing to do with the difference between the freelancer I hire once and never again and the freelancer I hire repeatedly. The excellent freelancer is different because they complete my task just as I requested without any problem. She will always receive the task first if I can give it to her, forget about it, and know it will get done well.

Make it simple for me, Manager of Business, Jose.

“A few months back, I hired someone to create an advertisement. They started regularly sending me pictures via email. What are your thoughts on this advertisement? Could it possibly work? “How about this one? ” Hey, I think you’ll like this one.

I don’t have time for these disruptions all the time. I guess I’m delighted they asked, but please do it properly. Do some research and select a few that are appropriate. Send those to me at the end of the week, and then ask me to select the one that will work the best. That would have been a sensible (and professional) course of action.

Not a Moment to Waste, Project Manager George

“Some folks I work with act as though everything is just for fun. I can kind of see how that may be for them. They’re at home, so they may not value time very highly. But to me, it is.

Long phone conversations are not in my schedule. I don’t have time to read lengthy emails with plenty of detail. I most certainly don’t have the time to read long emails in which you explain how you went about the project and why you enjoyed doing it. I don’t need to hear it if it’s off-topic. Keeping it brief and to the point is still preferable, even if it is on topic.

Making it Simple for Customers

Making a client’s life simple is straightforward. All you need to do is keep in mind the client’s busy schedule whenever you speak with them and consider how you may simplify things for them. Here is a nice example of a freelancer who was asked to submit a quick summary outlining the article’s approach and content.

Initial Client Briefing Example

After careful consideration and investigation, I have chosen that the article’s perspective would be on efficient strategies to trade shares on a budget. I want to talk about three important subjects. These will be fresh floats, inexpensive shares, and strategies for cutting trading expenses.

The second illustration of a client brief

Angle: Trading Stocks on a Shoestring


fresh floats

Cheap shares
Lowering trading expenses
Both illustrations convey the same concept. But it’s much simpler to understand the example with the headings and bullets. A quick scan will provide the busy client with all the required information. Additionally, it gives you a more credible and structured appearance, which improves how people perceive you.

The easiest method for the client is also the quickest and easiest method for you, which is a final bonus. Thus, you gain a little extra time and perhaps a loyal client.

Final Advice

Always keep in mind that clients who look harried often are. Customers that appear stressed probably are. Consider it a fantastic opportunity rather than a bad thing.

You’ve got a client who is likely to pay you handsomely and frequently if you can be one of the people who reduce stress and makes life easier. And to flourish, a freelancer needs that.

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