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Advertising Cheap Products Through Affiliate Marketing

You won’t be able to increase sales if you are new to affiliate marketing and your website traffic is low. Your monthly income will be minimal if you promote things at low prices. The cheapest things you might choose to offer are typically electronic books and audio files. These goods often sell for less than $100. This means that if the sale commission is 20%, you will receive around $20 for each sale. There will need to be a lot of sales in order to make any sort of respectable profit. However, it is impossible for new websites with low traffic volumes.

However, if you have a lot of website traffic and are an experienced affiliate marketer, you can expect to make a good income even from promoting cheap goods. It is not a problem if your high traffic and the products are popular. For instance, if you can sell 100 things, your monthly revenue at a 20% sales commission rate will be $2000. If you are promoting multiple products, you can raise this amount.

The cheapest products shouldn’t be chosen to promote by small affiliate marketers. Such affiliate marketers ought to pick a popular product with a competitive price. For instance, if a product costs $1,000 and you sell 10 of it each month, you would earn a 20% sales commission of $2000. It indicates that less traffic and sales may benefit you more if you promote expensive things.

But it takes extra work to sell the expensive things. Provide free newsletters, reports, or other helpful materials on your website in exchange for users’ email addresses. Most visitors should provide you with their email addresses to accept your offer. Use these email addresses to launch your advertising campaign right away. Your website will see an increase in traffic as a result. High-end product manufacturers frequently provide their consumer’s free installations, maintenance, and other perks. Analyze these services carefully and promote them. Inform your visitors that they will get technical support after buying the goods. There can be additional deals, such as a money-back guarantee. Get all the information by speaking with your merchant. Use your website pages, newsletters, and emails to inform your users. These actions will undoubtedly improve the number of sales and visitors to your website.

Low-cost product manufacturers typically don’t provide additional perks like a money-back guarantee, free installation, free technical support, free maintenance, etc. This is another factor in the decline in sales of inexpensive goods.

However, if you can identify some retailers who are including these extra services with their inexpensive goods, you can decide to advertise for them. But make sure to get some expensive, trendy items as well. Try to sell both of them.


As conclusion, we can say that choosing a cheap product for affiliate marketing is typically not a wise choice because you need to make a lot of sales to earn a respectable revenue. However, if your website receives a lot of traffic, you can choose lower-priced products because you can anticipate more sales. Better results are frequently obtained by selecting a reasonably priced product and launching an effective marketing effort.

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