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How to Use Top Lists to Sell Affiliate Products?

Searching for a novel approach to promote more affiliate products? Then think about making a “top list.”
Of course, a top list is a ranking of the best of something. Therefore, this might be seen as either the “Top 10 Annoying Things About Flying in a Plane” or “The Top 10 Laptops Packing an RTX 2080 GPU.”

In this piece, we’ll examine why these lists are excellent for affiliate product sales in terms of SEO.

The notion

This tactic aims to compile a list of the best products, each of which will link to an affiliate link, as you may have already guessed. Alternatively, you may offer products, computer programs, or anything else for which you can obtain affiliate links. Considering that digital products normally give considerably greater commissions, you might be thinking right now that this won’t bring in as much money as promoting one. However, bear in mind that you can get around this problem by selling items with extremely high ticket prices. That laptop instance?

Some of those gaming computers will cost $3,500 and more to buy! On top of that, even a 4% commission is still $140. That is significantly more than what an ebook would offer.

Or how about offering MBA courses for sale? Yes, you can do that with EDx (which has an affiliate scheme), and you may potentially make thousands of dollars from just one recommendation. Similarly, if you advertise a service with a monthly charge, you could generate ongoing money that increases over time.

Why It’s Ideal

This allows you to use SEO to discover folks with the right purpose, which is why it works so well. We assume that the individual searching for a term is looking to purchase something because that is their intended outcome.

When someone looks up the best things in a particular category, they probably intend to purchase those items.

Additionally, both Google and people like top -10 lists. This is particularly true if you include a list of bullet points near the top of your page or use rich snippets. If you do this, Google will display your list with an image in the SERPs. This significantly raises CTR.

Of course, choosing the appropriate term requires considerable investigation. But if you follow this, you’ll be good to go!

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