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Methods to Avoid Link Hijacking

Anyone may use affiliate marketing as a very effective means of earning money online. This straightforward business model’s strength lies in the fact that the marketer is not required to develop or purchase their goods or services.

All they have to do is choose one that they like, then spread the word about it. Given that some affiliate networks provide 70% commission or more, this could be just as profitable as creating something from scratch without any risk, expense, or barrier to entry.
But that doesn’t mean you can use this strategy to succeed while you’re asleep. Many people will miss the minor nuances important for something to work, so you still need to be careful.

What steps are you doing, for instance, to safeguard your affiliate links at the moment? What can you do to stop people from just buying things using the URL without giving you the commission you deserve? What about people who might utilize the link to make their affiliate links and make money instead of you?

Here are three quick actions you should take right away.

Employ a redirect

Using a redirect is among the most straightforward methods. This could entail creating a web page that serves as an “intermediate” page before directing users to the product or offer. In this manner, you may ensure that the user’s computer stores the cookies while preventing them from seeing the destination URL without clicking.

Masked URL: By ensuring that the user never sees the address of the destination website, you may take redirecting a step further. You accomplish this by employing URL masking, commonly called “stealth redirection.” The URL will never change even while the user gets forwarded!
Employ a “Pretty Link”

A lovely link has its original URL hidden while being truncated to make it more appealing and shorter. Except for using a ready-made service like Tiny URL or Google’s link shortener, this functions the same as a redirect.

In either case, this is more acceptable and harder to peak at. This is a wonderful approach to avoid detection because many people use TinyURL even for links that aren’t affiliates!

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