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How to work as a designer on the side?

The modern landscape of communications has unquestionably transformed with the invention of the Internet. The Internet has given consumers and businesses many opportunities and offers an almost endless source of knowledge.

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative industries where freelancing is very common. More and more designers are going independent today because it allows them to have the creative freedom they have always wanted.

Graphic designers are the group of designers who are most in demand. These are the kind of businesspeople who are independent-minded and adventurous. With their audacious ideas of success, graphic designers are now venturing into freelancing to obtain the desired level of artistic independence. Even though they must put in long hours, more and more designers are interested in working independently because it allows them to take on more jobs and projects and increases their chances of making money in the process.

The creation of visual presentations and designs for various products, such as websites, album covers, soap boxes, and even cat food cans, is the domain of graphic designers. These individuals are known to operate under intense time limitations to generate excellent materials or output because their job is typically done on a project basis.

To maximize the potential of the photographs you use, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 with Image Ready 2.0 is required to become a successful graphic designer. This edition, among the newest from Adobe, provides a top-notch image-editing tool that is ideal for both print and the web.

Additionally, you will require Illustrator 9.0 to turn your imagination and ideas into stunning graphics for usage in print, the web, and dynamic digital media. Last but not least, to produce professional publishing results with such creative flare, independence, productivity gains, and precision, you will also require QuarkXPress, one of the leaders in desktop publishing, or In Design 1.5.

Indeed, being a freelance designer requires excellent visual communication abilities to use print or visual media to communicate a particular message—an idea or concept—to a defined group of people. With the advancement of computers and digital technologies, the discipline of graphic design has seen a surge in demand.

However, you must first identify your target market before working as a freelance graphic designer. Design companies will undoubtedly be a part of your market if you go freelance. Along with that, businesses with planned campaigns or projects could be among your potential clientele. Here are some things you can do to make your time working as a freelance designer stronger:

  1. Make your network stronger. Attending design conferences and connecting with other independent designers, exhibitors, guest lecturers, and the like will help you achieve this. You can expand your network and meet additional local freelance designers by visiting neighborhood clubs, art-house theaters, galleries, and café bars.
  2. Create a portfolio. Build a credible portfolio for your clients to view because this acts as your calling card.
  3. Establish your brand. As with any business, if you are a freelance designer looking to establish a name for yourself in a certain industry, you should be able to develop your branding.

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