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Traffic Increasing Programs

There are almost daily “secret releases” about how some guy became wealthy after discovering the newest “plugin” or bizarre algorithmic discovery software, or how some underground internet marketer from Russia cracked the traffic code, allowing you to hack the internet and instantly send a flood of traffic to your website.

I have been marketing items online for many years, and throughout that time I have never encountered any program that actually performs as these absurd claims imply.

The advertisements these gurus make this thing seem cool and stylish and emphasize how fortunate you are to have discovered this program and how this can’t be on the market for very long because it must be protected, so you had better sign up or else miss out.

Avoid being duped! It is complete nonsense, I promise. If you take the time to conduct your research, you will learn that these scams operate, fleece victims, and then disappear.

I have seen this fraud used so frequently that it truly astounds me how many victims there are. The software they promote is almost always a rip-off of free or shareware with a few modifications that a programmer was hired to develop from Odesk for $50 and will never function as intended.

Without a human element, NO program can produce the kind of traffic you require. Sorry. It is simply a fact, at least for the time being.

There are reputable software packages available that can assist you in generating traffic, but you are typically only able to partially automate the procedure. Don’t bet on it, but maybe there may be a “magic bullet” program in the future.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information.

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