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Meeting your deadlines for freelance work.

Divide the big assignments and farm them out to various coders to efficiently manage your timetable when it comes to fulfilling deadlines.

Consider that you have been hired to produce a 10-chapter e-book on child care for $2,000 over a 45-day period. Let ten coders bid on each chapter individually and then allot $100 for each chapter over a 25-day period. This way, you have a 20-day cushion, so you don’t have to worry about the deadline, plus you stand to make $1,000 for your efforts.

If you’re going to approach a project in this way, you’ll need to be able to revise the pieces you get in order to ensure that the entire book “flows” and maintains the same style and tone of voice.

Develop a strong skill base
This is frequently the most crucial resource required when delegating tasks to others. Here are a few more pointers to assist you in this regard:
1) Be able to hire a skilled programmer.
When choosing a coder, you should consider four factors: their resume, their samples, their rating, and their customer reviews.

The final two are crucial because creating fake samples and resumes is simple, especially online.

After considering those four factors, hire the person if you believe you have discovered who you are seeking.

c) Understand how to make them pleased.
Given the same degree of expertise, a happy programmer always produces better work than an unhappy one. You keep your coders happy by being courteous and professional, paying them on time, and being understanding of their mistakes or lapses in performance (and believe me, they will miss a deadline now and then). Respect them, and they’ll give you their best effort.

Take care of the clients on your existing list.
The key justification for quality is that it is quality—more than anything else—that will draw clients to you again and again. Always prioritize quality. Finding top-notch work can occasionally be challenging, especially with a tight budget. If you continuously produce top-notch work, you can guarantee your coders and yourself a successful company for years to come.
It’s a well-known maxim in sales that “getting new business from your present clients is eight times easier than it is through cold calls.” Put it another way, be sure to ask your customers for recommendations from others they know or collaborate with who might require the service you offer.

Some programmers hesitate to ask for recommendations because they believe it to be unprofessional. They consider requesting recommendations to be similar to requesting a favor. Actually, it is not the case. If you believe you can provide great work, you will be willing to collaborate with their friends or business partners, which will benefit your client. That will be favorable for them as well. A two-way roadway exists.

We’ve now examined three online venues, and it’s time to look at creating resumes that stand out and will help you get some of those high-paying jobs.

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