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Why go freelance?

You can work for yourself if you freelance. You can thus choose your own hours.

Dress however you like. Is there a dress code at your current job? How about spending the day wearing your favorite pair of worn-out jeans and that T-shirt from that amazing 1980s rock concert instead of spending it in your pajamas? You set the dress code if you work as an independent contractor, such as a freelancer.

Setting your own hours doesn’t imply you have to do nothing all day. It entails having the self-control to allot a specific number of hours to labor each day. But you get to choose what those hours are since you’re the boss. With no need to travel during rush hour, you may pick up the kids from school, get lunch with your spouse, visit the gym during the day when it’s less congested, and more.

You may decide how much your time is worth by setting your own rates as a freelancer. Stop spending years anticipating a raise that might never arrive. You can double and treble your income as you see fit as you advance in skill and expand your clientele.

Have you ever thought of moving somewhere else but cannot because of your responsibilities to your family and job? Working from home allows you to move anywhere you choose with your family, if that pertains to you, or just by yourself. You can live in Hawaii or the South Pole and still have a successful freelance career as long as you have access to a phone, a computer, and a method of receiving mail. Your house serves as your office. You can earn millions of dollars while sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying a croissant with a mocha latte.

Nothing in life is free, and if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, as my father used to tell me when I was a child. The cost of freelancing is really low. As you will see in subsequent chapters, you will need a few standard items, such as a computer, printer, and possibly fax and scanner. Your time and effort will be your biggest expense once you have the tools to work as a freelancer. What are you worth? The fact that you can choose how much your time and work are worth is the finest part.

Here is something to think about about the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” You shouldn’t quit your day job right away in the hopes of earning $10,000 the next month. Start out slowly and gradually increase your income to achieve your goals. If you are earning the same as you would at a full-time job and have too much freelance work to complete, you should opt to quit your day job and pursue your freelance career full-time. Don’t give up because this process can move along rapidly if you put in the effort. The jobs are legitimate. The cash is genuine. Your willingness to commit time is the sole investment.

The market for independent contractors is expanding quickly. According to projections, future markets will expand at the same quick rate. This translates to more outstanding options for freelance work and more earning potential.

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