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Reach Millions with Blast It Ads, FFAs, and Your Ad

You are informed that you can send out an advertisement to MILLIONS of locations for a price (or your email) in order to increase your traffic, sales, and subscriber lists.

What is not disclosed is that these free for all websites, or FFAs, merely have a bot bury your advertisement on a low-value webpage where it will never be seen.

Sure, your advertisement will be uploaded or sent to millions of these sites, but no one will ever see it. . . What use do they serve?

These websites are created solely so that SPAM can be sent to you. It seems reasonable that when you sign up to have your ad posted, you agree to receive email updates about the status of your ad.

Marketers will repeatedly send you emails confirming the status of your ad (e.g., “Your ad is live,” “Your ad is now on page 5 please bump it up to page 1,” “Your ad is no longer showing please refresh your ad”) and, of course, promoting various products to you as a result with attached terms and conditions.

You should prepare for OCEANS of spam mail, and keep in mind that most of this advertising eventually disappears from these websites, so you will need to repeatedly re-post. But what good is it? What good is your advertisement if only bots (and possibly you) see it? Free for all (FFA) websites are useless to you unless you own one and use it to confront these gurus.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information from the beginning.

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