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There are four good reasons to create a mailing list.

Why is it necessary to create a mailing list? The phrase “the money is in the list” is frequently used. They repeat this phrase repeatedly as if it were a religious duty. It practically has cult spirituality characteristics. There is a reason why seasoned and skilled affiliate marketers keep repeating this, I suppose. After all, fire always exists where there is smoke. People won’t mention something incorrect to preserve their professional credibility. They are neither dishonest nor taking a chance with their reputation by leading others astray. They are speaking the truth instead. But you must make it obvious why this is the case. The following four arguments will convince you to create a mailing list.

Ads typically don’t result in conversions.

When was the last time you visited a website, viewed an advertisement, clicked on it, read the sales page, and immediately pulled out your credit card to make a purchase? Those moments, in my estimation, are few and far between.

Ads typically don’t lead to sales. They help people become more accustomed to one another. People only discover the purpose of an advertisement after clicking on a link. They keep seeing the advertisement. They become used to it and finally click on it once more. They continued to read, and eventually, some signed up for a mailing list where they would receive repeated marketing messages. The more opportunities you have to present your argument, the more opportunities you will have to do so.

Encourage them to return to your website.

The vast majority of visitors to a website never return. Maybe they only conducted a single Google search. Maybe someone just sent them an email referral. Whatever the reason, they didn’t like the website, thought it was incomplete, or thought the information was interesting but not compelling enough to make them want to purchase anything. They left for whatever cause, and most of them never returned.

When you get people to join your mailing list, you have the opportunity to send them updates that point them back to your website. Perhaps you published a new blog entry. You might be introducing a new release. Whatever the situation, you give visitors a reason to return to your website. A lot of the “dead traffic” you could have lost permanently is ultimately recycled.

Establish oneself as a reliable professional

By sending out update after update, you are essentially encouraging the people on your mailing list to listen to you since you are an expert in the subject. They think you more credible the more emails they read from you. The more emails people open, the more they are taken aback by your subject matter authority and experience level.

Get them to like you enough, so they believe you are knowledgeable about the subject. If you continue in this manner, they will come to trust you, and it is only a matter of time until they do so to the point where they will purchase whatever it is that you are marketing. Naturally, this requires time. Some folks can be convinced easily. They will buy things after just a few emails, at most. Some people deliberate more slowly. You put yourself in this predicament, however, it may be.

Offer $1 bargains on a generic info list to weed out potential customers.

Last but not least, creating a mailing list enables you to convert more of the website visitors. These people sign up for your email list after visiting your website. They are enthusiastic. Send out informative updates to build your trust once they’ve seen your website.

Send out a $1 offer for a short book or pamphlet you’ve written as well. The one-dollar deals won’t bring in any money for you. Instead, you are using it as a tool to separate serious purchasers from trolls. Tire kickers simply wish to receive emails after emails without making any purchases.

Sending out a $1 deal makes it very simple for people to isolate themselves. They let you know they are interested enough to make a purchase later. Even though you only earn one dollar from this transaction, once you have them on your buyers’ list, you can send them more expensive offers. Because these customers are tried-and-true buyers, your chances of success are significantly increased.

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