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The REAL TRUTH About Gurus

The majority of marketers are disoriented by the deluge of information. As a result, they eventually fall for a guru’s charms who promises to have the solution to all of their marketing problems.

The guru also guarantees that if you only heed their advice, you can become extremely wealthy.

Of course, following that advice will cost you dearly.

What then is the reality? It is a carnival of lies directed at you with the express purpose of stealing your money, a realm of smoke and mirrors.

Here, don’t fool yourself. Regardless of what they claim to teach you, the majority of gurus want to use YOU as their traffic source, recurring ATM, and affiliate machine.

Some gurus ACTUALLY SET YOU UP TO FAIL, so beware! They are aware that the more times you fail, the more money you will spend just being angry.

You will be provided just enough information to pique your attention before being pressured to spend more money on the guru’s most recent dazzling fad.

The REAL TRUTH, however, is that a lot of these gurus mock you, laughing that you are too ignorant to know any better.

How am I aware of this?

I just went to a seminar on internet marketing where I actually heard some of the most well-known people (people you would recognize) talk about the best methods to rob you of your money and provide little to no value.

Someone actually said, “Sucker punch them with a new lifestyle, dazzling them with thoughts and ambitions that you and I know they will never accomplish, make them believe in all of this, and then go for the juggler and wallet!”

Yes, the majority of the top experts are LYING TO YOU.

I wanted you to give this some serious thought because until you do, you will spend more money in a foreign port than a drunken sailor on leave.

The majority of “Free Traffic Generation” Gurus share this same trait.

The traffic niche is a favorite among gurus since it appeals to practically everyone looking to make money online. In addition, those who lack a basic understanding of traffic generation sometimes lack knowledge of marketing tactics.

The guru’s favorite target is a newbie. . . Some of these gurus had good intentions and brilliant ideas for increasing traffic at one point, but they soon discovered that it was simpler to resell poor traffic, nearly useless methods for increasing traffic, and marketing courses to gullible people in order to make quick money.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information from the beginning.

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