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Traffic Exchanges: The TOP Traffic Scams of All Time

You are welcome to sign up for one of the several traffic exchanges available online if you have ever wished to be a hamster on a wheel.

I find it amazing that despite the fact that hardly any of the traffic from traffic exchanges ever turns into something worthwhile, many people still adore them.

Exchanges have a vivid, vibrant aesthetic, and it always seems like there is a lot of marketing activity going on that might be to your advantage.

In order to gain credits, I have seen people spend hours each day “clicking” furiously. What is equally absurd about this is that on the other side of the computer, frantic marketers are clicking as quickly as they can to do the same.

Many of the largest exchanges have even added social features and other MLM-like services to keep you involved and, yep, clicking furiously; alternatively, you may invest your money to buy other people’s frantic clicks by selling your own to them.

Nobody is truly looking at other people’s offers, which is a concern because these services are only beneficial if you OWN the traffic exchange.

Although traffic exchanges have the potential to and really do drive traffic to your website(s), most people discount the psychology that underlies traffic exchange behavior.

People think they are getting high-quality traffic and earning visits when they click on and visit other websites, yet the majority of them click endlessly without ever pausing to look at or interact with any of the adverts or websites that are presented since they have little motivation to do so.

Because you only have a few seconds to say anything that will break the “clicking trance” that most people are in, the few marketers that are aware of this ensure that their website IMMEDIATELY GRABS the attention of visitors.

Traffic exchanges are successful because they take advantage of beginners. They are tricked into purchasing traffic, registering for several offers, and eventually realizing that NO ONE CARES about their site(s)!


Once the timer goes off, folks will go (clicks are timer driven so you must stay on the current site for at least a few seconds, but the name of the game is to rack up lots of credits, so that is what people do).

If you’re unsure, give it a shot by checking your traffic data logs to see how long the average visitor from a traffic exchange typically remains on your website.

I promise that 99% of the time, it doesn’t last any longer than the exchange’s timer.

Anyone who has used a traffic exchange for any length of time eventually learns that this type of traffic rarely, if ever, immediately converts visitors into customers. To try to persuade consumers to opt in to their offer, most marketers use splash or squeeze pages and make an offer.

The real gold, where is it? More TRAFFIC promotions Consider this. First and foremost, why are people using the exchange? They want people to visit their websites. So, how should one approach working the traffic sites? Create a page with your referral ID to advertise the exchanges. This is a nice illustration of how to use numerous sites and ranks. It contains referral IDs for all of the major traffic exchanges.

This is a good way to encourage signups because most traffic exchange users are curious about alternative services; eventually, this will earn you money and extra traffic credits. You can also run this page on various websites to take advantage of visitors looking for other traffic exchanges:

To sum up

Find a means to sell traffic if you enjoy traffic exchanges, recommend other exchanges, or just buy your own exchange.

At least you’ll be able to promote your clicks and other relevant items to a captive audience. Despite what you may be taught, this is the only legitimate reason traffic exchanges exist.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information from the beginning.

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