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Viral Traffic Scams for Free

In order to make the majority of them work, you either have to “upgrade” to the paid version or just feed your emails to a list of people who will try to sell you garbage. Of course, you will have to promote other people’s products before you get any actual traffic.

I have observed this variation in numerous marketing campaigns. You usually add your website to a list of, say, five other people who have done the same after being told that your URL will become popular. Now send this to a few individuals, and when they do the same, millions of people will see your advertisement or URL.

The arithmetic makes sense and this seems likely, but the true problem is human nature since the goal of this tool is to encourage people to visit your website. The issue is similar to the traffic exchange, or FFA page issue, in that NOBODY cares about you or your business until you provide them a really excellent reason to do so, and they just care about their own success, so there is no incentive to visit your site and take advantage of your offer!

As a result, this again fails horribly since no one cares about your accomplishment; they are just interested in themselves. The finest viral traffic offerings that appear to have some potential always have a what’s in it for me component, but the real traffic advantage goes to the program’s ORIGINATOR, not the folks who add their email addresses and spread the word about it.

Again, for this to succeed, you must be the CREATOR of a viral traffic idea and commit a portion of this page to something you are confident these people can use right away.

Avoid being a victim in this game by ensuring you have the necessary information from the beginning.

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