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Your undoing may come from your Clickbank gravity scores.

When I started using Clickbank, I can still clearly recall how simple it was for me to become enthused. I had the impression of being a child imprisoned in a candy store when I first entered Clickbank. I objected to being let outside. Because I was aware that there are numerous sources of traffic on the internet, there are simply so many various things to advertise.

These many traffic streams have shown that particular specializations are in demand. My sensation was similar to shooting fish in a barrel. That simple was it. For instance, when I would visit a forum, people would complain about how difficult it was to make beer in their basement. Sure enough, when I searched on Clickbank for terms relating to home brewing or DIY beer making, I discovered a wide variety of products to market to this market.

It’s similar to shooting fish in a barrel once more. I spent a lot of time playing the game that way and performed fairly well. However, things started to change when I realized that many of my friends who also advertised Clickbank items started to push the same product. How come? They used to be profitable when they advertised various goods to various audiences.

It turns out that many individuals simply become lethargic. People would rather look at one number and one number only than do the labor-intensive search for Clickbank items that appeal to certain audiences and search for those audiences all over the internet. Of course, I’m referring to the gravity score of any specific item listed on the Clickbank marketplace.

I observed that my acquaintances, who were complacent and relied on Clickbank gravity scores, eventually made less money than they had in the past. Long story short, many of them never fully recovered. Many of them ultimately left Clickbank and began pushing different affiliate marketing programs. If they were able to repeat their early accomplishment is anyone’s guess.

This is particularly unfortunate because many users overly trust the gravity score method used by Clickbank. I’m not arguing that gravity scores are worthless, so please realize. That’s not what I’m saying. Neither can. I’m saying you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You must realize that a product’s Clickbank gravity score is simply a marketing technique. It provides reassurance that the product you’re considering promoting from Clickbank’s marketplace can sell under the correct circumstances. A product will sell better if its gravity score is higher. Who would contest that?

The issue is that many factors that contribute to that score are hidden from view. It might turn out that just a small percentage of the hundreds of people pushing that same product is making any money. A common statistical illusion is this one.

The gravity score can only give you an average unless it is based on median sales performance. Averages, as you are probably aware, may be somewhat misleading. I do not doubt that Clickbank did not intend for the gravity score to be misleading. They undoubtedly had the best of intentions when they set up the system. But in the end, individuals still have a false sense of security because they believe they are endorsing a good that ought to be in high demand.

They’re going to get a nasty surprise, boy. Why is that? You must be aware that gravity scores are calculated using averages. Given that only two of you are in the village and one new neighbor moves in next door to you who earns $1 million per year, this indicates that the average annual income in the community is $500,000 per person.

This might appear to be advantageous to outsiders. But this is a slap in the face to you, the guy making zero bucks a year. Can you see how this functions? Gravity scores on Clickbank work similarly. Don’t assume that just because you added your name to the vast list of individuals advertising a product with a high gravity score, you would somehow immediately inherit the success of a statistical minority of marketers. That is not how it operates.

Do a huge favor for yourself. Reduce your reliance on gravity scores and emphasize how closely the Clickbank product you are promoting meets the needs of the audience you are attempting to target.

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