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The best affiliate programs for WordPress hosting and web hosting in 2024

One of the most competitive but highly profitable affiliate marketing areas out there is web hosting. Here, you can sign up for the top web hosting affiliate marketing programs and start earning up to $7,000 in compensation for each new web hosting customer you bring on board.

How would you respond to someone if they claimed they earned thousands of dollars while they slept? You would probably reject the assertion, label the person as insane, and move on, believing it to be impossible for someone to make so much money (or any money at all) without actually “working.”

But how do they get paid for it? The simple solution is affiliate marketing.

The top affiliate programs for WordPress hosting and web hosting in 2024

Many bloggers and website owners have discovered ways to generate a passive income that allows them to support themselves. How?

Through endorsing web hosting services. For instance, did you know that Bluehost paid affiliates $5,000,000 in commissions last year?

Many bloggers should point you that affiliate marketing is how their website is funded. Because it’s no secret that they generate income from their website through affiliate marketing, primarily from the web hosts they’ve worked with as a web developer over the years.

You must exercise caution when selecting the best web hosting affiliate programs. Pick the one that is reputable, easy to use, and offers a high commission instead of just the one that pays the most.

The most significant guideline, however, is the following:

Only web hosts that you are familiar with as an affiliate marketer should be recommended, as should only web hosts that you have used in the past and that have aided in your success.

You shouldn’t promote a product if you don’t believe in it and don’t think it will benefit people.

You can’t expect people to believe you until you are confident in the product, have used it successfully yourself, and can demonstrate it to your audience, says Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.

He is well-versed in the subject because he earns roughly $30k each month from endorsing Bluehost.

Because it looks bad on you to advertise a subpar product. You can lose the following you fought so hard to develop.

You may increase the amount of money you make from affiliate programs by properly selecting them.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Web Hosting

I’ve researched and listed some of the top affiliate programs for web hosting here for you to join. These were picked for their payoff, dependability, and quality.

Let’s examine them in greater detail!

  1. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

In the field of high-end managed hosting, Liquid Web is a pioneer. They provide a variety of services, including fully managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting, “traditional” dedicated servers and VPS hosting, cloud dedicated servers and VPS, and more.

Its managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting is quick, dependable, and secure. With 10 PHP workers, free site migration, free SSL certificates, and no overage fees, bandwidth limits, or metered pageviews, sites hosted by Liquid Web load at the fastest speeds possible.

The managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting from LiquidWeb includes free plugins for Jilt Abandoned Cart, Affiliate WP, Glew Analytics, All Iconic WP, and Beaver Builder, a page builder for WordPress.

One of the top affiliate programs in the market is theirs. Affiliates receive 150% of the monthly fee with a minimum CPA of $150 (pre-paid plans earn a 50% incentive).

Introducing clients to LiquidWeb pays off without a doubt. The CPA ranges are broken out as follows:

  • WordPress managed: $150 to $2,000 per signup
  • WooCommerce managed: $150 to $3,000 per signup
  • $150 to $300 per registration for a VPS
  • $150 to $7,000 per registration for dedicated hosting
  • From $150 to $5,000 per registration for cloud hosting

As one of their affiliate partners, LiquidWeb will give you a variety of fantastic benefits to encourage you to recommend customers to them, including:

  • individual commissions
  • exclusive discount coupons
  • landing pages with two brands
  • exclusive discounts & deals
  • free gifts for clients (like WP101 training memberships)

As a result, Liquid Web’s affiliate program is among the top ones. The customers you recommend will adore this excellent web host, and you will receive considerable compensation for doing so.

Payment ranges from $150 to $7,000 per sale.

Kinsta is a fully managed WordPress hosting company that uses Google Cloud Platform-powered cloud servers. Sites hosted by Kinsta load really quickly, are safe, and include all the newest technology, like SSL, PHP7, HTTP/2 CDN, staging spaces, and a ton more.

One of the greatest, if not the best, affiliate programs in the hosting sector is theirs. You can make up to $500 for each sale you suggest, plus you get 10% recurring monthly commissions for the rest of your life.

The affiliate program at Kinsta is among the best in the industry for the following reasons:

  • Earn $50 to $500 for each client you recommend (based on the type of plan you refer)
  • Initial strategy ($50 commission)
  • ($100 commission) Pro plan
  • Plans for businesses ($150 commission)
  • Plans for businesses ($500 in commissions)tracking cookie with a 60-day lifespan and a 60-day conversion window for payments
  • 10% in recurring monthly commissions for the rest of the customer’s life
  • Kinsta has a churn rate of less than 5%, which results in reliable recurring commissions.
  • payments every month into your PayPal account
  • Real-time tracking with the ability to view affiliate data in real-time along with pageviews, subscriptions, and comprehensive plan information
  • a significant collection of affiliate instructions and resources, as well as advertising banners and logos.

These factors combine to make Kinsta’s affiliate program among the best. This is an excellent site host, and when combined with their lucrative affiliate scheme, it is a surefire prescription for success. You should definitely check out their program and begin earning affiliate commissions.

$50 to $500 is the payout for each sale.

  1. Affiliate Program for WP Engine

WP Engine can be the ideal option for you if the majority of your writing focuses on WordPress themes and plugins.

With a minimum payment of $200 per sale, WP Engine’s affiliate program is among the best-paying ones. You must register for a ShareASale account in order to get your payment, which is made on the 20th of each month.

Depending on the plan your reader chooses, you get an affiliate commission of $200 on each sale or 100% of the first month’s earnings, whichever is larger. What a wonderful offer, don’t you think?

You may be sure of minimal reversal rates by marketing WP Engine, one of the top web hosting platforms in the industry. Additionally, you can be confident that you are recommending a top-notch item to your target market.

Let’s examine a few factors that make the WP Engine affiliate program one of the best in the industry:

Hefty Commissions: Each sale in the program earns a minimum of $200 in commission. There are very few programs that even come close to matching that amount. The extra credit?

  • You get 100% of the first month’s revenue from your customer if they choose a more expensive plan.
  • The program is made to encourage the affiliate to promote more sales.
  • Additional Bonus on More Referrals
  • You can anticipate making more than $200 per sale if you have a larger audience and can send more than five people to the website of the hosting provider.
  • You get an extra $100 for every five sales you help with.
  • You receive $250 for ten sales.
  • You will receive a whopping $1500 commission and earn a total of $15,475 if 60 of your referrals become customers.

Low Reversal Rates: WP Engine customers are typically devoted WordPress users looking for a cutting-edge hosting solution. And WP Engine doesn’t let you down. Since the reversal rates are far lower than those of the other schemes, you keep a larger portion of your reward.

Sub-Affiliate Commission: WP Engine offers you a commission for each sale your sub-affiliates make, which increases your earning potential. You receive $50 for each conversion made by your sub-affiliates.
Copy and paste marketing materials: WP Engine offers excellent banners and templates to its affiliates to use as promotional content. Given that WP Engine frequently runs A/B testing on their banners, this significantly lowers your effort while increasing conversions. Additionally, it occasionally offers sales promotions that you may use to get more referrals.

Longer Cookie Lifetime: For the most part, affiliate programs use cookies that last for 30 days. WP Engine, however, permits a 180-day window. This implies that you will be paid your due compensation if a visitor from your website clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a hosting plan from WP Engine at any time over the next 180 days.

The WP Engine affiliate program is among the greatest possibilities because of all these characteristics. The only disadvantage is that because its hosting plans are a little more expensive, fewer people often sign up for it. You must accordingly target your audience.

Payout is $200 or more per sale.

  1. Program for Cloudways Affiliates

You can swiftly deploy websites to cloud servers like DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr, Linode, and more using Cloudways, a managed web host.

Therefore, Cloudways can be a perfect option for you if you blog about WordPress development, themes, and plugins.

One of the best affiliate programs is Cloudways, which offers commissions of up to $200 per sale.

They recently updated their affiliate program to provide better and more adaptable commission schemes for affiliates. To help you earn as you wish, there are three distinct commission schemes available:

  • Slab (performance-based): Earn $50 to $125 for each sale.
  • Earn $30 for each signup plus a 7% lifetime commission with hybrid (performance + recurring based) marketing.
  • Earn up to $200 for each sale with custom (performance-based) services.

Here are a few justifications for why the Cloudways affiliate program is among the best in the industry:

  • Generous and adaptable commission structure: Your commissions increase in accordance with your performance. You can opt for a performance-based compensation scheme, or if passive income appeals to you, the hybrid commission model is excellent if you’re in it for the long haul.
  • A personal affiliate manager is provided to assist you through each phase of the cloud-hosting affiliate program. She or he will provide you with access to professional advice and respond to any queries you may have.
  • Learning Resources: You have access to a number of things, such as our benchmark articles, blogs, monthly newsletters, and onboarding emails and tutorials.
  • Real-time tracking: To ensure that you never miss a commission, the Cloudways affiliate dashboard includes tracking cookies that keep track of each visitor and referral.
  • Reporting on performance: You may obtain thorough reporting on performance in your affiliate panel to assess your marketing efforts on campaigns and enhance strategy.

For websites that don’t use WordPress as well as those that do, Cloudways offers high-speed and secure cloud hosting. With some of the highest conversion rates among hosting affiliate programs, Cloudways is among the top for all of the aforementioned factors.

Earn $200 for each referral.

  1. Affiliate Program for A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a well-known name in the web hosting business and provides WordPress hosting options.

The A2 Hosting affiliate program offers a commission that ranges from $85, up to $140. According to an incentive-based bonus structure, the amount rises in proportion to the number of conversions. Every month on the 15th, a PayPal payment is issued for the purchase. Additionally, $10 is offered as a welcome incentive.

You need to reach the $100 threshold in order for the money to be released. The payout is released the next month if you don’t earn $100 in a given month (or whenever the threshold is reached).

Discover why the A2 Hosting affiliate program is among the best by taking a closer look at some of its features.

  • High Payouts: Compared to many other affiliate programs, A2 Hosting offers a commission of $85 on each sale. Additionally, your commission rises as your conversions do. You are paid a fee of $100 for each sale for conversions between 11 and 20. The reward rises to $120 per sale for conversions of 21 to 30. For conversions over 31, you receive $140 for each sale.
  • Two-Tier Bonus: Just like WP Engine, A2 Hosting offers you the chance to profit if one of your sub-affiliates converts. You get $5 for each recommendation made by your sub-affiliate who makes a transaction from A2 Hosting.
  • Cookie Policy: A2 Hosting gives cookies a 90-day grace period before they expire. This implies that you will be eligible for your commission if your referrer makes a purchase within three months of clicking on your recommendation link.
  • Excellent Control Panel: As part of its affiliate program, A2 Hosting offers its partners access to an all-inclusive control panel called iDevAffiiliates. The software can be used by affiliates to compile sales data. Additionally, banners and other advertising materials are available. Additionally, the software includes videos and instructions to help affiliates achieve higher conversion rates.

For bloggers eager to make money, the A2 Hosting affiliate program has made a name for itself. The most affordable hosting package from A2 hosting starts at $3.92 per month. This makes luring customers to the gateway simpler.

$85 to $140 for each sale

  1. Program for SiteGround Affiliates

After more than ten years in business, SiteGround has established itself as one of the top web hosting services available. Since it has a strong brand reputation, bloggers frequently choose its affiliate program.

Independent and user-friendly, SiteGround is a top-notch hosting platform. The minimum commission for each sale in the SiteGround affiliate program is $50. This program is created to reward volume. Depending on how many recommendations you convert, this might increase to a respectable $125.

Let’s examine a few of the characteristics that make the SiteGround affiliate program a top pick.

  • Performance-based Fee Structure: For each sale that occurs as a result of your suggestion, the program will pay you a commission of $50. The rate increases as more conversions occur. Up to five sales will earn you $50, but between six and ten conversions will earn you $75. If you reach 20 conversions, you are eligible for a hefty fee of $125 per recommendation. Conversions between 11 and 20 qualify for a $100 commission for each sale.
  • The SiteGround affiliate program’s finest advantage is that you don’t need to make a certain amount of sales in order to earn a commission. Your commission will be paid out even if you only complete one transaction every month.
  • Weekly Payments: SiteGround sends payments every week instead of monthly as is customary. Small-scale bloggers who want to make money more consistently will find this appealing. After the initial sale, the commission is released 30 days later.
  • Strong Affiliate Support: It allows affiliates access to an affiliate manager who can be contacted for any assistance, in addition to giving them access to well-designed and personalized banners for promotion.
    Because SiteGround is one of the most well-known brands in the sector, you can be sure that conversion rates will be strong and reversals will be few.

$50 to $125+ in performance-based commissions

  1. Affiliate Program for BionicWP

With BionicWP, a fully managed WordPress hosting option, you can concentrate on your core business while leaving website management to the hosting team.

BionicWP provides a single hosting plan with several pricing levels because it intends to provide the same caliber of hosting service to all of its consumers. Users who are interested in its add-on features can purchase Bionic speed and unlimited website modifications along with their hosting service.

Because its servers are located on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is also where Google maintains its search engine servers, its hosting plan is the fastest.

In addition, the BionicWP offers no bandwidth limits, free SSL certificates, try before you buy, weekly site monitoring, core, theme, and plugin updates, and much more!

For all of its users, BionicWP guarantees page performance, i.e. a GTMetrix and Google page speed score of 90 or higher.

Users may simply obtain a staging area to test their websites because the hosting business offers a free trial, and when they are happy with the service, they can migrate. Every website that uses the WordPress-managed host is eligible for free migration.

All affiliate marketers wishing to promote the sole genuinely managed WordPress hosting solution to their users will find the BionicWP-managed WordPress hosting affiliate program to be ideal.

The BionicWP affiliate program’s best feature is that:

  • You receive $75 plus a two-year recurring commission of 12.5%.
  • No minimum payout requirement for commissions.
  • PayPal payments each month.
  • For managed hosting, you receive a 60-day tracking cookie so that you can receive credit for each sale you refer.
  • Earnings are paid within a conversion window of 60 days.
  • You receive a thorough affiliate dashboard that allows you to track your performance down to $0.01 in commissions.

All the graphic display, banner, and link materials you require to advertise the WordPress-managed hosting service are available from BionicWP. Simply request creative assets from your affiliate manager.
A specialized affiliate manager is assigned to you specifically to handle all hosting referrals and help you maximize your earnings.

All of these factors combine to make the BionicWP affiliate program the greatest WordPress hosting affiliate program available. Joining BionicWP (review here), which gives amazing capabilities to all website owners, is the quickest method to increase the revenue from your affiliate websites.

$75 + 12.5% of the revenue

  1. Affiliate Program for iPage

A well-known brand in the hosting industry, iPage provides a variety of plans to accommodate the requirements of individual website owners and business owners. It entered the market in 1998 and is a huge member of the Endurance International Group (EIG).

With rewards starting at a one-time flat rate of $105, the iPage affiliate program offers one of the greatest payouts in the market. From $105 for shared and VPS accounts all the way up to $150 for a dedicated hosting plan, it offers various prices for various hosting plans.

The processing of the payment takes fifteen to thirty days. You may opt to get compensated with a check, PayPal, or credit (if you are an iPage user).

Let’s examine some of the distinctive components of the iPage Hosting affiliate program. What attracts affiliates to it as a choice?

  • Leading Commission Rates: You can make up to $150 in commission for each sale as an affiliate. One of the largest payments offered by an affiliate program is this one. There is no upper limit on how much you can make, and even the base rate of $105 is more than most normal commissions.
  • Access to Promotional Materials: iPage provides its affiliates with access to a range of promotional tools they can use on their websites to advertise iPage hosting services. These tools include display banners, text links, and more. Additionally, it gives you a unique referral code that you may use in your advertisement.
  • Higher Conversions: IPage provides some of the most affordable hosting packages available. This implies that it helps your recommendations convert at a higher rate.
  • Geographical Independence: You can join iPage as an affiliate from any location in the world. However, only US dollars are used for payment.
  • Additionally, iPage provides its affiliates with a comprehensive resource center that they may use to improve their conversion rates. Since it belongs to the EIG, iPage is a dependable and well-known hosting provider.

105 to 150 dollars per sale

  1. Program for HostGator Affiliates

One of the oldest hosting providers in the business is HostGator, another member of the Endurance International Group. Millions of people throughout the world utilize it.

One of the most well-known affiliate programs is the HostGator program. Additionally, it offers a compensation structure based on performance that rewards a high volume of conversions; the basic fee begins at $50.

HostGator uses Impact Radius to manage its affiliate program and offers options for dedicated account hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting. Let’s examine its features in more detail.

  • Up to $125 Compensation: The HostGator affiliate program offers a high commission of $125 per sale. You receive $50 for up to five conversions, $75 for six to ten conversions, $100 for eleven to twenty referrals, and $125 for twenty or more referrals, according to a volume-based system.
  • Payment Schedule: You are paid on a monthly basis, and two months after a sale is made, it is validated. One week after the sales are confirmed, the payment is made. The commission can be issued with as little as $100 in earnings; there is no maximum.
  • HostGator provides a wealth of advice to its affiliates through its affiliate support system. Additionally, it offers a selection of banners and other things. Finally, if you want to increase your conversion rates, you can speak with experts.
  • Since HostGator’s plans are well-known and well-liked, you can easily market them and profit more as a result. This affiliate program is unquestionably among the best in the sector.

Fees based on performance range from $50 to $125

  1. Bluehost Web Hosting

Due to the fact that it is a member of the EIG, Bluehost is comparable to the other hosting providers on this list.

As a result of Bluehost’s reputation for providing high-quality services at competitive prices, its affiliate program is well-liked by bloggers trying to make money online.

Bluehost offers a flat commission rate of $65 for each sale. Nevertheless, the fee can go to $120 based on how many referrals you generate.

Below are a few special services provided by the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • Rewarding Commissions: If you have the ability to drive large volumes of sales, you can make enormous sums of money. If you successfully sell their plans and bring a lot of referrals to their site, you can earn a bigger commission than the base amount of $65 per transaction.
  • Payment Schedule: If you join the Bluehost affiliate program, you will get your commission 45 days following the conclusion of the month in which the qualifying purchase was made. Between the sixteenth and the last day of the month, the payment is processed. For the payment to be released, you must have earned at least $100 and have a PayPal account.
  • Superior Tracking: Bluehost has one of the most advanced tracking systems; every sale that you refer to is credited. Its cutting-edge tracking technology gives it the stability and dependability of a reliable affiliate network.
  • Advice and Support: By signing up for the Bluehost affiliate program, you get access to a wealth of tools that can help you boost your conversion rate. Additionally, it offers to display banners and ad links for affiliates to browse. Finally, the publishers have access to a group of professionals who can advise you on how to increase your commission earnings.
  • More Conversions, Lower Reversals: Bluehost is a well-known name in the web hosting industry, with millions of users worldwide. As a result, the affiliate will find it simpler to promote its hosting services to returning customers. Since the hosting service is well-liked by the user base, you may increase conversions while lowering reversal rates.

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost provides a selection of plans to its clients. Additionally, you will find it simple to promote it because of how well-liked its consistent service is. You can’t go wrong with the Bluehost affiliate program as a site hosting affiliate.

Earn $65 or more for each signup.

  1. Affiliate Program for Scala Hosting

Leading provider of fully managed cloud VPS hosting services, Scala Hosting powers 700k+ websites from 120+ nations. Managed VPS services are made simple and economical by Scala Hosting and its SPanel.

Some of the most affordable VPS hostings are provided by Scala Hosting. Fully managed VPS plans start at a very affordable $9.95 per month, while self-managed VPS plans start at $10.00 per month.

For suggesting customers for shared hosting, Scala Hosting pays $50+ for each sale. For referring 10+ VPS hosting customers each month, they receive $200.

Check out these Scala Hosting affiliate program features:

  • Affiliate manager with dedication.
  • Affiliate dashboard that is simple.
  • Real-time tracking: Understanding your traffic and optimizing your campaigns are made possible with real-time, precise affiliate tracking.
  • 60-day cookie lifetime: We have you covered even if your leads don’t make a purchase right away after clicking your link thanks to our 60-day cookie lifespan.
  • Excellent conversion rates: The average conversion rate from the affiliate program is 8% due to the feature-rich and cost-effective plans.
  • Free hosting for one month is provided to all affiliates so they can test the product and evaluate its benefits.
  • One of the best and most affordable fully managed cloud VPS hosting services is offered by Scala Hosting.

Earn up to $200 for each registration.

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It?

In the concept of affiliate marketing, you endorse a product from a third party on your website. You get paid a commission when someone buys that item using your link. Simple, isn’t it?

Currently, it is one of the finest ways to generate passive money, especially if you already have a site that receives a respectable amount of traffic.

Do you have a blog that focuses on digital marketing, WordPress themes, web hosting, or any other connected topic? If so, the following action is to sign up for a web hosting affiliate program. It’s the finest method for producing potentially significant passive income.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing for Web Hosting Profitable?

Simply said, affiliate marketing aids in financial gain. Many blogs have found success by utilizing referral links. Because they are some of the best-paying affiliate programs on the market, web-hosting affiliate programs stand out.

You only need to publish one post reviewing a web hosting platform (I know, easier said than done) to earn a sizable commission (depending on the audience you attract).

Many bloggers that write about things like technology, internet marketing, web hosting, and blogging can make a ton of money. On their website, they advertise web hosting services to achieve this.

But as I mentioned at the outset of this essay, and I can’t emphasize enough how crucial this is:

As an affiliate marketer, you should only endorse web hosts that you are familiar with, and you should only endorse web hosts that you have used in the past and that has aided in your success.

You shouldn’t recommend a web host if you don’t believe it would benefit users and you lack confidence in it.

How Does It Work?

On your blog, you can advertise a variety of web hosting services. You might start by writing a post evaluating its services. Include a link to the web hosting company at the end of the blog post.

On your website, you can also display banners. Almost all affiliate programs provide you with banners and other marketing materials for their company. You can utilize these on your website or incorporate a link to them in the header or footer of your page. To persuade your visitors to choose the hosting service, you may also offer discount coupons.

You are paid every time someone visits your website, clicks on the recommendation link, and then decides to use the hosting website’s services. Depending on the web hosting affiliate network you belong to and how their commission structure is set up, this commission could range from $50 to over $1,000.

It’s for whom?

Affiliate programs for web hosting are mostly for bloggers who cover related subjects like SEO, building websites and blogs, and web development. Even non-technical website owners can market their favorite hosting service as a web hosting affiliate.

The first stage is to earn your audience’s trust if you want to be able to persuade them to follow your advice. You can get started by producing knowledgeable material for your site.

It isn’t difficult to point them in the direction of a specific web hosting platform once you’ve done this. For instance, you may simply direct users to the SiteGround website by including a footer that reads “hosted by SiteGround.”

Try web hosting affiliate programs if you are already experienced with conventional affiliate marketing and blog about these subjects.

Questions and Answers

A web hosting affiliate program: what is it?

An affiliate program for web hosting firms is a revenue-sharing scheme where affiliates are compensated for introducing new clients to web hosting providers.

You can register for and participate in the affiliate marketing programs run by all of the biggest web hosting companies in the market.

How does affiliate marketing for web hosting operate?

Affiliates refer website visitors and get compensated for each qualified sign-up (through links or banners on their website). The affiliate will receive a commission for any visitor who signs up after clicking one of these links or banners.

What is the best affiliate program for web hosting?

Liquid Web provides fully managed WooCommerce and WordPress hosting on dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and cloud-dedicated servers and VPS.

Affiliates will receive $7,000 for each signup they refer to Liquid Web for new dedicated hosting clients.

Which affiliate programs for web hosting are the most well-liked?

The three most popular web hosting affiliate programs that affiliates choose to join and promote are SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator. Last year, Bluehost paid affiliates a total of $5 million in commissions.

What is the worst affiliate program for web hosting?

GoDaddy is the worst because it is a well-known web host but offers the smallest payout. You receive a commission of 10% to 15% for referring one-time customers, which is significantly less than the other well-known web hosts on this list.

To earn a good affiliate income, you will need to refer a lot of customers to GoDaddy.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Web Hosting in 2024

Affiliate marketing for web hosts works remarkably well for bloggers who consistently produce high-quality content. The search engine ranking of your blog or website heavily influences the number of conversions you can make, which is why the content is so crucial.

Selecting the top affiliate program for web hosting is not at all difficult. In fact, it’s likely that you are already aware of the existence of these well-known hosting services.

The important thing to keep in mind when deciding what to promote is that it’s not just about earning a high commission; it’s also about keeping your content accurate, sincere, and current.

Since all of the high-ticket web hosting affiliate programs I’ve talked about here have been around for a while, they present excellent opportunities for blog and site owners, independent contractors, and agency owners to increase their passive income.

For instance, well-known blogger Pat Flynn uses Bluehost and receives sizable referral commissions.

If you’re a blogger looking to sign up for a highly lucrative web hosting affiliate program, go for it and let me know which program was most successful for you!

Have I overlooked anything significant that you feel ought to be mentioned here? If so, please tell me everything in the comments section below!

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