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The worst online business model.

You’ve heard of folks who write because they can afford to travel to many different continents thanks to their blogs’ income. I’m not referring to urban areas. I’m not referring to specific nations. I am referring to continents. That is the potential profit from blogging.

Of course, the story goes far deeper than that. It would be fantastic if the common person began to believe they could earn a good living from blogging. If they only had to sit in front of a computer, type out a blog post, and then all of a sudden, all this incredible money started to materialize out of thin air, that would be wonderful and terrific.

Sadly, that is only a fantasy. That is as true as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Cinderella. You must invest time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to make real money online. Even if you’re prepared to put in the effort and make all those sacrifices, it’s still unclear whether you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

I’m aware that what you’ve been told is incorrect. It turns out that the Internet was not, after all, some sort of magical ATM for quick money online. The unknown

Such is the difficulty of earning money online. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unsuccessful blogs for every successful one. To understand what I’m talking about, all you have to do is count the number of expired names that are currently online.

Even while this endeavor may seem difficult on the whole, there is one approach to earning money online that is worse than blogging. What am I referring to? On websites like Fiverr, you may sell your time.

I don’t care if you’re the world’s top graphic designer and your blog headers and banners are possibly the greatest things since sliced bread. If you don’t see a good return on your effort, you have no business listing your services on Fiverr.

Keep in mind that you are selling your time. By definition, if you’re selling these services on Fiverr, you’re not doing anything else. What if doing those other things may increase your income? Many folks are unaware of this. They believe they are successful as long as they generate revenue from any platform.

That’s limited thinking, to be sure. It is not surprising that many of those people cannot earn any money due to their failure to think long-term.

Don’t be misled. Selling your time is the worst way to earn money online. You must take other action. You need to provide value. You need to build a strong brand. You must establish yourself as a recognized expert or authority.

You could charge much more for your time by doing this. If you don’t, you’ll be forced to participate in a race to the bottom. Click here to exit the bottom-of-the-pack race.

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